Rooms and Suites

Your friends will love the

Luxe Pet Hotel Experience!


We are Istanbul’s exclusive luxury animal care facility designed to meet your pet’s unique needs.
Luxe Pet Hotel promises to pamper both of your cat and dog at the highest level.


Luxe Pet Hotel offers our guests best accommodation possibilities!

The indoor climate (temperature and air quality) is the biggest factor regarding the influence on the overall comfort of our guests! Luxe Pet Hotel offers comfortable accommodation for our guests with its specially designed ventilation and air conditioning system.

Research shows that dogs also enjoy music, music relaxes them, reduces stress and worries. For this reason, in LUXE Pet Hotel we can make them get away from the stress when they are nervous and relax besides a soft bed with some natural and light music.

In addition, LUXE Pet Hotel has a closed circuit camera system and our guests are watched for 24 hours and their security is controlled by alarm system.

With our water purification system, our guests are provided fresh and healthy water drinks continuously.

With the PUKKA Veterinary Clinic which is within the boundaries of Luxe Pet Hotel, the health of your pet friends is under constant control with our experienced veterinarians.