Welcome to the Luxe Pet Hotel!

The first 5-star luxury pet complex of Turkey




Luxe Pet Hotel

Your expectations will exceed!

All details are meticulously considered at Luxe Pet Hotel, so our guests will experience a safe, fun and relaxing stay from the moment they enter our facility!

You will love the Luxe Pet Hotel Experience!


professionals do the

Pet Grooming!

We will be glad to invite pet owners to a cup of coffee or tea, while they’ll be awaiting for their pet to be groomed!

Each crew member is sincerely passionate about taking care of you four-legged friends, as each of them owns a cat or a dog. This kind of an insightful care, boosted by our extensive range of regular, exhibition and healthcare grooming services is what made our salon the #1 in the town!

Door to Door

You can be with your friends you love untill te last minute! When you go on holiday, we take them from the airport with our expert team so you and your pet’s holiday start at the same time.


If you can not leave your dear friends to our hotel, we offer a transfer service with our specially designed vehicles.

Health care

With the PUKKA Veterinary Clinic which is within the boundaries of Luxe Pet Hotel, the health of your pet friends is under constant control with our experienced veterinarians.