Daily Stay

A Funny Day!

We offer your pets a second home in the comfort of your 5 star!

If you want to make sure that your friend has a good time while you are at work or when you want to spare your time, LUXE Pet Hotel Daily Lodge is for you!

LUXE Pet Hotel Daily Accommodation;
  • Areas where they can run and play freely
  • Indoor playground with specially designed ventilation and air conditioning system
  • Open play areas where they can be separated by their size, age and temperament
  • Game parks and toys designed for a good time
  • Safe playing times under the supervision of experienced caretakers
  • Sand pool where they can dig
  • Artificial grass-covered playgrounds for easy running and hygiene
  • Photos uploaded daily to our Instagram account
  • Besides, we also have not forgotten our cat guests! We designed an outdoor playground where they could have a good time, vegging out under the sun and watch it around.